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  • June 23, 2024
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    Action Center
  • IBEW 77 Political Action Committee

    What is PAC?

    Our Political Action Committee was started in 1989 by a forward thinking Business Manager and Executive Board.  They recognized that many of the decisions that affect wages, hours and working conditions are made in the political arena and that the only way we could increase our influence in this arena was to become more politically active.

    The goals of our PAC have not changed since it’s inception.  They are to inform and motivate our members, influence our elected representatives, raise money to reward our friends and punish our enemies, and to influence legislation.

    All PAC funds are raised through voluntary contributions.  In some cases payroll deduction is provided by the employer and in others it is provided through a Credit Union. The suggested contribution for members using payroll deduction has always been a nickel an hour but one time contributions can be made where the member does not want to use payroll deduction or where none is available. 

    It is important to remember that there is only one PAC at Local 77, but there are many different PAC units.  The money that is collected for PAC is deposited in a single account in the bank but a separate accounting is done for each unit.  A statement is prepared quarterly and presented at the PAC Central meetings.  This statement shows receipts and disbursements for each unit along with a list of checks that were written and to whom. 

    One of the most frequently asked questions about PAC is, “Who has control of the money?”  YOU DO!  Or, you have as much control as you want to exercise.  Ask your PAC Chair, Unit Chair, Shop Steward or Business Representative and they can explain how you can become more involved.

    Click the button below to make a contribution to IBEW Local 77 Joe Murphy PAC by credit card or PayPal.  


    Political Action Committee Activities:





    The IBEW International Office hosted the 2020 Vision Conference, which was the National Legislative / Political Conference in Washington, D.C. Our Delegation consisted of Business Manager Rex Habner, President Rick Johnson, Vice-President Damian Hernandez, Executive Board member Charlie Reyes, and PAC Director/Membership Development Sean Bagsby.

    2019 Washington and Idaho Legislative Session Updates

    • For the Washington 2019 Legislative session, IBEW Local 77 had an aggressive agenda.  Our political goas are always connected to:
      • protecting and promoting  workers’ rights
      • increase safety on the jobsite and industry
      • augment apprenticeship programs and training models
      • increase opportunities for smaller contractors to participate in the industry, and our members the ability to engage in the process
      • increase opportunities for our members to work as the industry changes and expands
      • update pension and retirement options for members to retire with dignity and respect
      • protect our electrical jurisdiction and scopes of work
      • expand our employers ability to secure work for our members
      • protect worker’s rights to organize and JOIN Unions
      • hold accountable ‘bad’ employers and business who break the law

    The session started in January and the first large event was the Washington State Labor Council Legislative/Lobbying Conference!  This event was well attended, and LU 77 was again a FORCE to be reckoned with!  There were many workshops, and presentation and training, before our Delegation took to the Hill.  Our mission, to focus on a few of our priorities for 2019.  Our Delegation was comprised of an awesome group of dedicated members, including: Madeline Danielson, Rhiannon Edwards, Charlie Reyes, Damian Hernandez, Rick Mittge, Christine Reid, Rob Coleman, Jen Watson, Helen Berglund, Chris Coffee, Karl Freudenstein, and Sean Bagsby.  Thank you all for the hard work, and heling to protect the rights of ALL LU 77 workers across Washington!

    2019 Washington/Idaho Legislative Session Activities

    For 2019, the slogan for our PAC efforts is IBEW Local 77: Lobbying to Win!  Below are pictures of Local 77 members attending special lobbying training session to learn how to move legislation that will strengthen worker safety, protections on the job, and expand our your ability to grow our great Union.  Thank you all who participated in the training and carried out these efforts all session.

    2018 LU 77 General Election Endorsement list for Washington and Idaho

    LU 77 Business Manager/Financial Secretary Lou Walter voted last week, have you??

    #IBEW77UnionStrong #GOTV2018

    The LU 77 2018 Scare out the Vote was a huge success! Local 77 members reaching out to fellow brothers and sisters about the importance of voting in this election. Membership education and out reach our critical to keeping our union strong, and protecting our future. HUGE thanks to our members and friends who stepped up to help out: Josh Draper, Colton Sims, Damian Hernandez, Jansen Edwards, Reese Hinkle, Rhiannon Edwards, Eric Vane, Vanessa, Matt Reese, Teri Kannor, and Sean Bagsby!

    #IBEW77GOTV2018 #UnionStrong #Vote

    2018 LU 77 Endorsed Snohomish County Commissioner Candidate Sid Logan with Political Director Sean Bagsby attending the Annual Solar Summit in Bellevue, WA.

    IBEW Local 77, along with ALL of organized labor have been under attack for some time. NOW is the time that ALL of YOU can make a direct difference and help elect people who will support OUR ISSUES, and protect our Great Union.  The power of your vote is key to our success!  The ballots have dropped for the WA State General Election, so if you have yet to cast your ballot, PLEASE review this list of IBEW Local 77 endorsed candidates TODAY and VOTE.  If you do not see your local candidate on this list, or if you have any questions, please contact IBEW 77 Political Action Coordinator Sean Bagsby at (206) 639-0748 or seanbagsby@ibew77.com.  Thank you for your time, and help in keeping IBEW 77 Union Strong!

    Call to Action for Members of Local 77:  The General Elections for both Washington and Idaho are upon us, and YOU have a direct impact on the outcome!  Your IBEW Local 77 Political Action Committees have been working hard to review and endorse pro-labor, pro-UNION candidates from across our jurisdiction, and we need your help to push them across the finish line.  We are asking for volunteers to help with political member–to–member outreach, canvasing, and phone banking.  Any time you can donate would be greatly appreciated and will help protect your Union! For more information on how to volunteer, please contact LU 77 Political Director Sean Bagsby at 206 639-0748 or seanbagsby@ibew77.com.  


    2018 Primary Election Endorsements

    LU 77 members hosting a dinner meeting with local Labor Champions and 2018 Washington General Election candidates Carolyn Long (3rd Congressional District) and Erin Frasier (State Representative 19th Legislative District)! Members in attendance: Jason Dahlin, Rick Mittge (with spouse, Shelly), Damian Hernandez, Bernie Boucher (with spouse), Chris Henning, Travis Hefely (Business Representative from IBEW 125), and Sean Bagsby.  

    Together we stand Union Strong!

    IBEW Local 77 endorses the 2018  I-1000 Campaign! Above are LU 77 Officers and Staff: Damian Hernandez (Recording Secretary), Reese Hinkle (E-Board), Rick Johnson (President), Helen Berglund (E-Board), Sean Bagsby (Membership Development & PAC Director), Lou Walter (Business Manager), Bill Meyer (E-Boad), and Larry Becht (E-Board) presenting a contribution check to Former WA State House Representative Jesse C. Wineberry on behalf of Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion (DDI) and the One Washington Coalition for Equity. For more information, please visit www.YESon1000.com and sign the petition!

    2018 Candidate Christine Brown for US Congress 4th Congressional District receiving campaign contribution from LU 77 E-Board Member Brother Charlie Reyes III.

    IBEW Local 77 2018 Primary Election endorsed candidate Zahra Roach, running for Franklin County Commissioner! PAC campaign contribution presented by LU 77 Executive Board Member Charlie Reyes III.

    IBEW Local 77 Assistant Business Manager Mike Brown with 2018 endorsed candidate Lisa Brown for the 5th Congressional District! #UnionStrong

    Previous  LU 77 Political Action Committee events and activities

    Katrina Ondracek & Jackie Rae

    President Rick Johnson and Business Manager Lou Walter with candidate for Washington State Lieutenant Governor Karen Fraser.  Local 77 has endorsed Ms. Fraser and PAC contributed to her campaign.

    Business Manager Lou Walter presents a PAC check to Washington State Speaker of the House Frank Chopp.  The contribution to the Truman Fund will support efforts to expand the majority in the State House of Representatives.

    Local 77 Delegates at the 2016 Idaho AFL-CIO Convention

    Lou Walter, Barb Harris, Shaunie Wheeler, Rick Johnson, Austin Nagle, and Kyle Beierle

    Support HAMTAC Workers


    9th District, International Representative Rick Hite and Business Manager Louis R. Walter strongly believe that political action participation helps build union strength and solidarity.  

    As your union’s Governmental Affairs Advisor, I will attend as many Unit Meetings as possible before the end of the year to engage and activate our membership; allowing them to participate in the political action process.  We have lots of work to do and I need the help of you, our Brothers and Sisters.

    It is extremely possible to expand our Political Action Committee (PAC). Who would have thought that Brother Bernie Boucher, from Pacific County PUD, would be able to sign up 40 members to contribute to PAC in 1 day? Well, he did.  So can you!

    I will hopefully see you at your next Unit Meeting.

    Solidarity Forever,

    Bob Guenther, Governmental Affairs Advisor



    President Barack Obama & President Rick Johnson


    PAC Member Dave Patrick, Brother Chris Reed & Senator Patty Murray


    Sister Nichole Reedy & Frank Chopp


    Dusty Hoerler & Brother Tom Caddy


    Kathleen Drew & Treasurer Lynne Moore

    Vice President Walt Aho & Jeff Johnson 

    Jay Inslee & President Rick Johnson 

    President Barack Obama, Senator Patty Murray & Business Manager Don Guillot 

    President Rick Johnson, Vice President Walt Aho & Mark Miloscia

    Sister Gina Beecher, Andy Billig and Assistant Business Manager Suzanne Brunner

    Assistant Business Manager Suzanne Brunner, Timm Ormsby and Sister Gina Beecher

    IBEW Local 77 PAC Member Jackie Rae gives a donation to Democratic Candidate Mike Wilson. Mike Wilson is running for State Representative in the 44th Legislative District.

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